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Getting admitted into Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) is highly competitive. Apart from meeting the OAU cut-off mark, prospective students also have to pass the post-UTME screening exam. Preparing well for this exam with past questions and answers can significantly boost your chances of gaining admission into OAU. In this blog post, we provide a guide to OAU post-UTME past questions and answers to help you adequately prepare and pass the screening.

Overview of the OAU Post-UTME Exam

The OAU post-UTME exam comprises 50 objective questions that must be answered within 1 hour. The exam tests your knowledge of subjects like English, Mathematics, Current Affairs, Sciences, and Social Studies. The questions are usually framed to assess your logical reasoning, quantitative, verbal, and analytical abilities.

Where to Find OAU Post-UTME Past Questions:

Here are some reliable places to find authentic OAU post-UTME past questions:

  • OAU’s past questions were compiled into books sold at major bookstores.
  • Online platforms like PrepsNg Scholars and Backtoschool have compilations of past OAU post-UTME questions.

How to Download OAU Post-UTME Past Questions

To Download OAU Post-UTME Past Questions Click on the Download Button below!

OAU Post UTME Past Questions for Science



OAU Post UTME Past Questions for the Faculty of Social Sciences


How to Effectively Use OAU Post-UTME Past Questions

To optimize your preparation with past questions, here are some tips:

  • Identify your weak areas and focus more practice questions on those topics.
  • Time yourself properly to get used to the one-hour duration.
  • Take the past questions like real exams by avoiding distractions.
  • Review questions you get wrong and understand why the correct answer is right.
  • Focus more on recent past questions to know current exam trends.
  • Take precautions to avoid getting fake or outdated past questions.

Benefits of Using OAU Post-UTME Past Questions

Some key benefits of adequately using past OAU post-UTME questions include:

  • You understand the structure and nature of the exam.
  • It exposes your strengths and weaknesses.
  • You get familiar with frequently repeated questions and topics.
  • It helps improve your speed, accuracy, and confidence.
  • You can identify commonly repeated questions that may appear again.

OAU Post-UTME Past Questions FAQ

How can I know my areas of weakness from past questions?

When reviewing your marked past OAU questions, analyze the ones you often get wrong. This shows the areas you need to strengthen by focusing more practice on them.

Are OAU past questions repeated in new exams?

It’s common for some OAU past questions to be repeated or rephrased in new exams. Solving past questions exposes you to these repeated questions.

How can OAU past questions help me pass the exam?

Practicing with past questions helps you understand the structure, nature, difficulty, and recurring patterns of the exam. This boosts your readiness and chances of excelling

How many times should I take each OAU past question for best preparation?

For optimal preparation, take each question at least 3-5 times. The repetition helps reinforce your understanding and accuracy.

Should I prioritize more questions from my best subjects or weak subjects?

Balance both. Spend more time practicing your weak areas but still revise your strengths too. Don’t neglect any subject.

What is the best strategy for reviewing OAU post-UTME past questions?

After attempting questions, carefully go through the ones you got wrong. Understand why the answer is wrong and note the right answer. Repeat failed questions until you answer correctly.

Does solving past questions guarantee I will pass OAU post-UTME?

While practicing past questions significantly improves your chances, there are no guarantees. You still need to thoroughly understand the concepts and study relevant subject textbooks.


Preparing with authentic OAU post-UTME past questions gives you an extra edge over others. Follow the guide above to source for and effectively use past questions during your OAU post-UTME revision. The quality practice will undoubtedly improve your readiness and probability of excelling in the exam.


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