University of Maryland Acceptance Rate, Admission And GPA Requirements


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The journey to higher education often begins with the quest to find the perfect college or university. One of the key factors that students and their families consider when making this important decision is the institution’s acceptance rate. In this article, we will explore the University of Maryland’s acceptance rate and everything you need to know about it.

What is the University of Maryland?

The University of Maryland, often abbreviated as UMD, is a prestigious public research university located in College Park, Maryland. Established in 1856, it has grown to become one of the nation’s top-tier institutions, known for its academic excellence, diverse community, and vibrant campus life.

University of Maryland Acceptance Rate Overview

As the top public university in the state, the University of Maryland (UMD) is a dream school for many high-achieving high schoolers. With over 40,000 students and a wide range of majors across 13 colleges, UMD offers something for just about everyone.

But does getting into UMD need to be a nightmare? Definitely not! By understanding UMD’s acceptance rates and what drives admissions decisions, you can boost your odds of admission success.

The University of Maryland’s acceptance rate varies from year to year, making it important for applicants to stay updated with the latest statistics.

University of Maryland Acceptance Rates

Here are the overall acceptance rates for first-time freshman admission at UMD over the past four years:

Class of 2027 (Fall 2023 Admission)

  • Number of Applicants: 48,129
  • Offers of Admission: 21,125
  • Overall Acceptance Rate: 43.9%

Class of 2028 (Fall 2024 Admission)

  • Number of Applicants: 49,410
  • Offers of Admission: 21,632
  • Overall Acceptance Rate: 43.7%

Class of 2029 (Fall 2025 Admission)

  • Number of Applicants: 50,725
  • Offers of Admission: 22,150
  • Overall Acceptance Rate: 43.5%

Class of 2030 (Fall 2026 Admission)

  • Number of Applicants: 52,062 (Projected)
  • Offers of Admission: 22,685 (Projected)
  • Overall Acceptance Rate: 43.5% (Projected)

As shown, UMD’s overall freshman acceptance rate has remained under 45% and continued to decline slightly from 2023 to 2026 admissions. This reflects increasingly competitive admissions as applicant numbers and quality rise.

The University of Maryland Acceptance Rates by Student Type

While overall rates are under 45%, acceptance rates differ across student types:

  • First-Time Freshmen – The most competitive pool, with acceptance rates of 43-44% from 2023 to 2026.
  • Transfer Students – Slightly higher acceptance rates of 46-48% for transfer applicants.
  • Graduate Students – Master’s and doctoral acceptance hovers above 60%, but varies by program. Professional degrees are very competitive.
  • International Students – Lowest acceptance among subgroups, ranging from 25-30% from 2023 to 2026.

So prospective students should look at rates specific to their background and program when gauging admission chances at UMD.

Early Action vs Regular Decision

UMD offers non-binding Early Action with a November 1st deadline. Applicants receive decisions by the end of January. Here are the Early Action acceptance rates:

2023 EA Applicants: 22,024 2023 EA Accepted: 15,131
2023 EA Acceptance Rate: 68.7%

The Early Action acceptance rate is around 25 percentage points higher compared to Regular Decision. Applying Early Action significantly increases an applicant’s probability of admission.

Factors Influencing Acceptance Rates at University of Maryland

Several factors drive fluctuations in UMD’s acceptance rates including:

  • Rising applicant numbers without corresponding growth in freshman class slots
  • Improving academic metrics like average GPAs and SAT scores among applicants
  • High demand for limited seats in STEM and business programs
  • Slight edge for in-state vs. out-of-state students
  • Strong essays and glowing recommendations bolstering applications

Minimum GPA and Test Scores for Admission

Due to intense competition, successful UMD applicants typically have:

  • GPA of 3.7+ unweighted (4.2+ weighted) for Maryland residents
  • GPA of 3.9+ unweighted (4.5+ weighted) for out-of-state students
  • Class rank in the top 10%
  • Middle 50% admitted have GPAs from 3.82 to 4.25

Competitive test scores include:

  • SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing: 650-740
  • SAT Math: 670-780
  • SAT Composite: 1320-1520
  • ACT English: 31-35
  • ACT Math: 30-35
  • ACT Composite: 29-34

Applicants are advised to exceed the 75th percentile test scores to boost admission chances, especially for competitive majors.

Application Tips for Admission at the University of Maryland

To stand out, applicants are encouraged to:

  • Maintain a rigorous course load and stellar GPA/class rank
  • Achieve 75th percentile or higher SAT/ACT scores
  • Write thoughtful, engaging application essays
  • Have outstanding extracurricular involvement and leadership
  • Obtain strong teacher/counselor recommendation letters
  • Apply via Early Action by November 1st
  • Highlight demonstrated interest and fit with UMD

Meeting these benchmarks will improve any applicant’s admission prospects.

How many students apply to UMD each year?

Over 45,000 students apply for freshman admission to UMD every year.

What is the acceptance rate at the University of Maryland?

The overall acceptance rate at UMD is around 45% for freshman applicants. However, it varies by major and student type.


In summary, the University of Maryland’s acceptance rate is a critical aspect of the university’s admissions process. Understanding this rate, along with the application requirements and tips for success, can greatly improve your chances of being a part of the vibrant UMD community. For more details about the school please visit their Official Website


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