Bowen University Cut-Off Marks for 2024/2025


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One of the key determinants of admission is meeting the set cut-off marks by the institutions. In this comprehensive word guide, we provide all the details you need to know about Bowen University Cut-off marks, a private Baptist university in Osun State, Nigeria.

Whether you are seeking admission into Bowen University for the first time or want to change to a new course, understanding the cut-off mark system and meeting the required scores is very important.

JAMB Cut-Off Mark for Bowen University

The current official JAMB cut-off mark approved for Bowen University is 190. This means that to be eligible to participate in the university’s post-UTME screening exercise, you must obtain a minimum score of 190 in JAMB UTME.

Candidates who score below 190 in JAMB are automatically disqualified from admission at Bowen University. The university does not accept candidates with lower JAMB scores, even if they perform excellently in post-UTME. Your UTME subject combination must also align with your chosen course of study.

Bowen University Departmental Cut-Off Marks

While 190 is the approved JAMB cut-off mark, meeting it does not guarantee admission if you do not attain the Bowen University departmental cut-off marks. The minimum Post-UTME cut-off marks for different faculties and courses are outlined below:

Faculty of Medical Sciences

CourseCut Off Mark 2022/2023
Medicine250 and Above Jamb

Faculty of Law

CourseCut Off Mark 2022/2023
Law240 and above

Faculty of Engineering

CourseCut Off Mark 2022/2023
Mechanical220 and above
Chemical220 and above
Electrical220 and above
Civil220 and above
Computer220 and above

Faculty of Science

CourseCut Off Mark 2022/2023
Industrial Chemistry190 and above
Industrial Physics190 and above
Computer Science190 and above
Geology190 and above
Microbiology190 and above
Biochemistry190 and above
Anatomy190 and above

Bowen university Cut-Off Mark for Nursing

The Bowen University cut off mark for Nursing is 200. To gain admission to study Nursing at Bowen University, candidates are required to score at least 200 in their UTME exams. This is the basic requirement that makes candidates eligible to apply for the nursing program at the university.

Bowen University Cut-Off Mark for Medicine and Surgery 2024/2025

For the competitive Medicine and Surgery program at Bowen University, the cut off mark is set at 250 for this year admission process. This means prospective students seeking to study Medicine and Surgery at Bowen University are expected to obtain a minimum UTME score of 250 before they can qualify for consideration.

Bowen University Cut-Off Mark for International Relations

Candidates interested in studying International Relations at Bowen University for the  academic session need to score a minimum of 180 in UTME to be eligible to apply for the program. The 180 cut off mark applies for the International Relations course.

Bowen University Cut-Off Mark for Mass Communication

Bowen University set the cut off mark for Mass Communication program at 170 for the 2024/2025 admission exercise. To enhance their chances of gaining admission for Mass Communication at Bowen University, candidates need to attain at least 170 in their UTME examination.

Bowen University Cut-Off Mark for Accounting

The Bowen University cut off mark for Accounting program for the 2024/2025 admission process is 180. Candidates need a minimum UTME score of 180 and above to be eligible to apply for admission to study Accounting at Bowen University.

How Bowen University Calculates Cut-Off Marks

Wondering how Bowen University arrives at the departmental cut-off marks annually? Here is an outline of the process:

  • Determine the number of available admission slots approved for each program based on the carrying capacity of facilities and staff strength.
  • Review the number and scores of UTME and post-UTME candidates who applied for each program in the previous admission year.
  • Analyze the overall academic performance of applicants, sorting all scores from highest to lowest.
  • Set the cut-off mark per program at a point that admits the best candidates that fill the admission quota.
  • Adjust the cut-off marks upwards or downwards for subsequent years based on the competitiveness of scores.
  • Have the cut-off marks approved by the university’s Senate.

In essence, the process aims to fill the admission slots per course with the best eligible candidates based on merit. The cut-off marks are not arbitrarily set but data-driven and aligned to standards. “Also Read Bowen University School Fees

Tips for Meeting Bowen University Cut-Off Marks

Meeting and even exceeding the Bowen University cut-off marks for your desired course should be your top priority. Here are practical tips to guide you:


  • Master all the UTME syllabus and determine frequently repeated topics
  • Purchase updated JAMB revision materials and study guides. Read textbooks, novels, etc for Literature-In-English
  • Do daily practice questions from past UTME exams to improve speed and accuracy
  • Work on your weak areas and don’t neglect mathematics
  • Learn effective time management to complete exams within the allotted time
  • Attend intensive UTME coaching and boarding lessons
  • Take the UTME exam more than once until you achieve the target score

For Post-UTME:

  • Start preparation early – obtain past post-UTME questions as soon as the JAMB exam ends
  • Identify commonly examined topics in your faculty and course
  • Pay closer attention to your area of specialization e.g. core math courses for science students
  • Attend post-UTME coaching and take mock exams
  • Work on improving speed and accuracy in solving calculations, diagrams, etc
  • If written essay is required, improve your writing skills and arguments
  • Ensure good performance at oral interview, if required

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There you have it – a detailed guide covering everything you need to know about meeting the cut-off marks for admission into Bowen University. The current Bowen University JAMB cut-off mark is 190 and Post-UTME cut-off marks range from 190 to 250 across faculties and courses, Meeting or exceeding the course cut-off mark is mandatory for admission, Start early preparation and take exams multiple times to improve your scores and Combining academics with good conduct is vital for admission. For more information, please visit their Official Website.

We wish you the very best as you seek admission into Bowen University. Feel free to ask any questions!


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