Rufus Giwa Polytechnic Cut-Off Mark 2024/2025


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Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, popularly known as RUGIPO, is a state-owned tertiary institution located in Owo, Ondo State, Nigeria. The Polytechnic was established in 1978 and named after the late Chief Rufus Giwa, a renowned educationist and philanthropist from Owo. RUGIPO is accredited by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) and offers National Diploma (ND) and Higher National Diploma (HND) programs at the Owo campus and satellite campuses in Ile-Oluji, Ore, and Akungba-Akoko.

Overview of Rufus Giwa Polytechnic Cut-Off Mark

Rufus Giwa Polytechnic’s Cut-Off mark is 110. This means that to gain admission into Rufus Giwa Polytechnic candidates must score 110 as their JAMB cut-off mark. For HND, they should obtain the stipulated Polytechnic cut-off mark.

The main exams used to determine cut-off marks for entry into RUGIPO include:

UTME: This refers to the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination organized by JAMB for admission into ND programs in Nigerian polytechnics, colleges of education, and universities. RUGIPO sets JAMB cut-off marks for its ND programs based on students’ UTME performance.

POLY HND Entrance Exam: This is a qualifying exam organized by RUGIPO for admission into its HND programs. Candidates are required to sit for the exam and obtain the prescribed cut-off mark for their program to gain admission to HND.

ND O’Level Result:  For admission into ND, candidates must possess 5 credit passes in relevant O’Level subjects including English and Mathematics. So the O’Level result is also used in determining admission.

HND OND Result: To qualify for HND admission, candidates must have completed an Ordinary National Diploma (OND) program. So the OND result with a minimum of lower credit is also used to set cut-off marks for HND programs.

The cut-off marks for each department vary based on the factors highlighted earlier. The cut-off marks are usually released at the start of every admission process. We will provide the specific cut-off marks for all ND and HND programs at RUGIPO later in this post. First, let’s understand how the admission process works. ” Also Read Rufus Giwa Polytechnic Admission Requirements ”

RUGIPO Departmental Cut-Off Marks for ND Programs

Below are the JAMB cut-off marks for various ND programs at Rufus Giwa Polytechnic:

Department/CourseJAMB Cut-Off Mark
Agricultural Technology110
Agricultural Technology110
Animal Health And Production Technology110
Architectural Technology110
Art and Design110
Banking And Finance110
Building Technology110
Business Administration and Management110
Chemical Engineering Technology110
Computer Engineering110
Computer Science110
Electrical / Electronic Engineering110
Estate Mangement And Valuation110
Fisheries Technology110
Food Technology110
Forestry Technology110
Hospitality Management110
Library and Information Science110
Mass Communication110
Mechanical Engineering Technology110
Nutrition And Dietetics110
Office Technology And Management110
Public Administration110
Quantity Surveying110
Science Laboratory Technology110
Surveying and Geo-Informatics110
Urban and Regional Planning110

RUGIPO Departmental Cut-Off Marks for HND Programs

Below are the Polytechnic cut-off marks for various HND programs at Rufus Giwa Polytechnic:

CourseCut Off Mark
HND Computer Science60% and above
HND Statistics60% and above
HND Accountancy60% and above
HND Banking and Finance60% and above
HND Business Administration60% and above
HND Marketing60% and above
HND Public Administration60% and above
HND Estate Management60% and above
HND Electrical/Electronics Engineering60% and above
HND Civil Engineering60% and above
HND Mechanical Engineering60% and above
HND Agricultural Engineering60% and above
HND Architectural Technology60% and above
HND Building Technology60% and above
HND Quantity Surveying60% and above
HND Urban & Regional Planning60% and above
HND Fine & Applied Arts60% and above
HND Mass Communication60% and above
HND Food Technology60% and above
HND Agricultural Technology60% and above
HND Science Laboratory Technology60% and above
HND Metallurgical Engineering60% and above
HND Polymer & Textile Engineering60% and above
HND Industrial Chemistry60% and above
HND Ceramic & Glass Technology60% and above
HND Printing Technology60% and above
HND Office Technology Management60% and above
HND Library & Information Science60% and above

So in summary, the cut-off mark for all HND programs at RUGIPO is 60% and above in the Polytechnic’s HND entrance examination. Candidates seeking admission to any HND program at RUGIPO must score 60% or higher in this exam to be eligible for admission.

Factors that Determine RUGIPO’s Cut-Off Marks

Rufus Giwa Polytechnic sets its departmental cut-off marks based on the following factors:

Competitiveness of the Program

Cut-off marks are higher for programs that are more competitive and have a higher number of applicants vying for limited slots. For instance, competitive courses like Medicine, Law, Architecture, Engineering, etc generally have higher cut-off marks. Less competitive programs are more flexible with lower cut-off marks. ” Also Read Rufus Giwa Polytechnic School Fees “

Admission Slots Available

The cut-off mark set for any program is influenced by the number of available admission slots. When there are fewer admission openings, the cut-off mark would be higher to restrict admission numbers. Where there are more slots, cut-off marks may be lowered to admit more applicants.

Performance in Qualifying Exams

The general performance of candidates in exams like UTME, POST UTME, and HND entrance exams affects the cut-off mark. If performance is high, the cut-off will also be high, and vice versa. The cut-off mark is set to select the best candidates based on merit.

Catchment Area

Special consideration may be given to candidates from the polytechnic’s catchment area during admission. This may result in slightly lower cut-off marks for candidates from the catchment area.

Gender Consideration

Efforts to balance gender admission ratios could also influence cut-off marks. When a particular gender is underrepresented in a program, cut-off marks may be revised to admit more candidates from that gender.

Subject Combination Relevance

Cut-off marks may be set lower for candidates with subject combinations that align with the program’s requirements. Those with unrelated subject combinations may need to attain higher cut-off marks.

Candidates’ Profile

Cut-off marks may also be moderated for candidates with outstanding profiles, special skills, or those who win scholarship slots. This provides opportunities for all classes of applicants.

Institution’s Admission Policy

The general admission policy, vision, and benchmarks for academic excellence set by RUGIPO also guide the cut-off mark decisions annually.

The above are some crucial factors that influence the determination of departmental cut-off marks at Rufus Giwa Polytechnic. Cut-off marks provide a quantitative basis for the polytechnic to select qualified candidates, ensuring candidates admitted have the best chance of succeeding in their respective programs.

Importance of Knowing RUGIPO’s Cut-Off Marks

It is highly essential for all aspiring candidates to know the current JAMB and HND cut-off marks for their desired departments. Here are some key reasons:

  • It helps you determine if you stand a chance of gaining admission into a particular department based on your scores.
  • Knowing the cut-off marks will help guide your choice of institutions and programs to apply for.
  • You can set a target score to work towards in your UTME or HND entrance exam preparations.
  • You will know if your exam scores qualify you for post-UTME screening or not.
  • Monitoring the cut-off mark trends over the years for a department provides useful insights to strategize your preparations.
  • Cut-off marks give you an indication of the level of competitiveness in any department.
  • It also helps you assess your chances during the admission list release and determine if supplementary exams may be necessary.

Therefore, researching and knowing your department’s approved cut-off mark is crucial right from the start of your admission process into RUGIPO. It helps you stay informed, set realistic targets, manage expectations, and increase your chances of gaining admission.

RUGIPO Frequently Ask Questions

What are the factors that determine RUGIPO’s cut-off marks?

The major factors are program competitiveness, available admission slots, performance in qualifying exams, catchment area, gender balance, subject combination relevance, and the polytechnic’s admission policies.

Is JAMB UTME Cut-Off Mark the only requirement for ND admission at RUGIPO?

No, in addition to achieving the JAMB cut-off mark, you must have 5 O’Level credits including English and Mathematics, and also pass the post-UTME screening.

Does RUGIPO accept candidates who score below the stipulated cut-off mark?

Usually not. The cut-off mark is the minimum score required, so scoring below automatically disqualifies you.

Can the cut-off marks differ for indigenes of Ondo State at RUGIPO?

Yes, cut-off marks may be slightly adjusted for candidates from the catchment area to promote fairness.


Determining the approved cut-off marks is one of the most critical steps in securing admission to any tertiary institution in Nigeria. Rufus Giwa Polytechnic cut-off marks for its ND and HND programs provide a quantitative basis for selecting qualified candidates for the various departments annually.

The cut-off marks information provided here is indispensable to guide students’ decisions, target setting, and strategic planning right from the start of the admission process. Candidates can also use the trends to gauge their chances during the admission list release and determine if supplementary steps may be required. For more details about Rufus Giwa Polytechnic’s Cut-Off mark please visit their Official Website


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