Covenant University Cut-Off Marks 2024/2025


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Covenant University is one of Nigeria’s best private universities. It has very high JAMB cut-off marks. To gain admission you need excellent scores. This post shares Covenant University cut-off marks for all subjects. Learn the scores you must get in each JAMB subject to meet Covenant requirements. Meeting these marks is tough but possible with hard work. Use this guide to understand the competitive scores needed to join Covenant University.

Overview of Covenant University Cut-off Marks

Covenant University is a leading private Christian university in Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria. It is affiliated with the Living Faith Church Worldwide and is ranked among the top universities in Nigeria.

The University is highly selective in its admission process. Due to its high academic standards and reputation, Covenant University receives applications from thousands of candidates every year, even beyond its admission quota. Hence, cut-off marks for the various courses at Covenant University are usually quite high.

Some key points about Covenant University cut-off marks include:

  • The University conducts its post-UTME screening exercise for candidates who scored up to 180 in UTME.
  • Cut-off marks differ for each course. Competitive courses like Medicine, Law, Accounting, etc. have higher cut-off marks.
  • Besides academic scores, other factors like interviews and physical examinations are used in shortlisting candidates.
  • Different cut-off marks exist for UTME, Direct Entry, Inter-university transfers, foreign students, etc.
  • Cut-off marks may vary slightly from year to year depending on the number and quality of applicants.
  • Meeting the exact cut-off mark does not guarantee admission. The available quota for each course is also considered.

Covenant University JAMB Cut-off Marks

Covenant University requires candidates to have a minimum UTME score of 180 to qualify for its post-UTME screening. However, the table below shows the average UTME cut-off marks for different courses at Covenant University over the past few years:

Engineering CourseCut-off Mark
Chemical Engineering180 and above
Petroleum Engineering180 and above
Electrical & Information Engineering (EIE)180 and above
Civil Engineering180 and above
Mechanical Engineering180 and above
Leadership and Development Studies CourseCut-off Mark
Leadership Studies180 and above
Languages and General Studies180 and above
Psychology180 and above
Political Science & International Relations180 and above
Social Science Course

Cut-off Mark

Accounting180 and above
Banking and Finance180 and above
Business Management180 and above
Economics and Development Studies180 and above
Mass Communication180 and above
Sociology180 and above
Science and Technology CourseCut-off Mark
Physics180 and above
Building Technology180 and above
Chemistry180 and above
Mathematics180 and above
Biochemistry180 and above
Computer & Information Sciences180 and above
Architecture180 and above
Estate Management180 and above
Biological Sciences180 and above 

The University evaluates performance in UTME alongside post-UTME and may lower the JAMB score requirement for exceptional candidates who excel in their post-UTME.

Also, some courses especially Arts, Social Sciences and Education may not strictly follow the above range. Their cut-off marks are more flexible.

Covenant University Departmental Cut-Off Marks

After the UTME screening, Covenant University conducts post-UTME/departmental examinations for shortlisted candidates. The post-UTME consists of:

  • Written exam for academics courses (70% weight)
  • Interview session to assess candidate’s communication skills, personality, interests, etc. (30% weight)
  • Physical examination by the Medical team

The departmental exam cut-off marks often vary for different courses based on competition level. On average, the departmental cut-off marks are usually around:

  • 60% and above for highly competitive courses (Medicine, Law, Sciences)
  • 50% and above for Management, Social Sciences, and Humanities courses
  • 40-50% for Arts, Education

Candidates who obtain up to the departmental cut-off mark may then be considered for admission based on the predefined quota for the course. Scoring exactly the cut-off mark does not guarantee admission.

Tips for Meeting Covenant University Cut-off Marks

Here are useful tips to help you attain Covenant University’s cut-off marks for your desired course:

  • Identify the cut-off marks for your course from past admission trends. Use it to set your target for UTME.
  • Participate in UTME and post-UTME coaching to improve your exam technique and performance.
  •  Write the standardized mock UTME tests to gauge your readiness and review topics you are weak in.
  • Ensure you meet the minimum UTME score (180 marks) to qualify for Covenant’s post-UTME.
  • Thoroughly review the post-UTME syllabus of your department and write practice tests to prepare.
  • Work on improving your oral communication skills for the interview.
  • Take care of your physical fitness and health to pass the medical screening.
  • Stay updated on cut-off mark adjustments that may happen and adjust your expectations accordingly.
  • Apart from academics, engage in extracurricular activities to make your application stand out.

Meeting the cut-off marks requires adequate strategic preparation, perseverance, and pushing yourself beyond your limits.

What If I Don’t Meet the Covenant University Cut-Off Mark?

If you score below the cut-off mark for your desired course, you have a few options:

  • Consider changing to another course at CU that has a lower cut-off mark which you meet
  • Work to improve your score and retake the exam next year
  • Appeal to the school if you narrowly missed the cut-off mark for your preferred course
  • Explore attending a different university that has lower cut-off marks for your course
  • Change your plans and consider a polytechnic or other career path instead

The key is not to give up if you don’t get your desired cut-off mark. Reflect on your options and find an alternative path to achieve your career goals. With hard work and perseverance, you can still find success!


Covenant University sets high cut-off marks for its very selective admission process. The cut-offs aim to attract the best students who will benefit from the top-quality education offered.

Candidates should target meeting the cut-offs for their course based on past trends. However, merely meeting the minimum cut-off does not guarantee admission. Excellent performance in post-UTME, strong SSCE/A-level grades, and interview performance give an added advantage.

Preparing adequately through coaching, mock exams, and researching admission requirements and cut-off trends will help you perform optimally to have a chance at gaining admission into this prestigious university. For more details about Covenant University’s cut-off mark visit their Official Website


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