WAEC and JAMB Subject Combination for History


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If you are interested in studying history at the university level, you need to know the right JAMB subject combination for history to qualify for admission. In this blog post, we will guide you through the JAMB Subject Combination for History, the optional subjects you can choose from, and some tips to excel in your history subjects.

JAMB Subject Combinations for History

To give you an idea of how to combine your JAMB subjects for history, here are some examples of complete JAMB subject combinations for history:

  • English Language, History, Government, and Literature in English
  • English Language, History, Economics, and Geography
  • English Language, History, Christian Religious Studies, and Literature in English
  • English Language, History, Islamic Studies, and Government

JAMB Requirements for History

To study history in any Nigerian university, you need to meet the following JAMB requirements:

  • You must have at least five O’level credits, including English Language and History, in not more than two sittings.
  • You must score at least 180 in your JAMB UTME exam.
  • You must register for and write the following four subjects in your JAMB UTME exam: English Language (compulsory), History (compulsory), and any two other subjects from Arts and Social Sciences.

Direct Entry Requirements for History

If you are applying for direct entry admission, you need to have one of the following qualifications:

  • Two A-level passes in History and any other related subject.
  • NCE with at least a merit pass in History and any other related subject.
  • ND/HND with at least a lower credit pass in History and any other related subject.

O-level Requirements and Subject Combination for History

To study history at the university level, you need to have at least five credit passes in your O-level result, including:

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • History
  • Economics or Government or
  • Geography or Literature in English
  • Any other relevant subject
    You can use any combination of O-level results from different examination bodies, as long as you have the required subjects.

What are the Best Universities to Study History in Nigeria?

Many universities offer history programs in Nigeria, but some of the best and most reputable ones are:

What are the Career Opportunities for History Graduates in Nigeria?

History graduates have a wide range of career opportunities in Nigeria, such as:

  • Teachers and lecturers
  • Researchers and historians
  • Archivists and librarians
  • Museum curators and managers
  • Journalists and writers
  • Public administrators and diplomats
  • Cultural resource managers and consultants
  • Tour guides and operators

Tips to Excel in Your History Subjects

Studying history can be challenging, but also rewarding and enjoyable. Here are some tips to help you excel in your history subjects and prepare for your JAMB exam:

  • Read widely and critically: History is a subject that requires a lot of reading and research. You should read not only your textbooks and notes, but also other sources like journals, articles, biographies, and documentaries. You should also read critically, meaning you should analyze, compare, and evaluate the sources and evidence you encounter, and not just accept them at face value.
  • Write clearly and coherently: History is also a subject that requires a lot of writing and communication. You should write clearly and coherently, using proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and vocabulary. You should also organize your writing into paragraphs, sections, and headings, and use transitions and connectors to link your ideas and arguments. You should also cite your sources and references correctly and avoid plagiarism.
  • Practice past questions and mock exams: One of the best ways to prepare for your JAMB exam is to practice past questions and mock exams. This will help you familiarize yourself with the format, style, and difficulty of the exam, and also test your knowledge and understanding of the subject. You should also time yourself review your answers and mistakes, and learn from them


We hope this blog post has helped you understand the JAMB subject combination for history and how to choose the best subjects for your history program. Remember to check the specific requirements of your chosen university and course, and to study hard and smart for your JAMB exam. We wish you all the best in your academic journey!


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