UI Cut-Off Mark for all Courses 2024/2025


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The University of Ibadan (UI) is one of the most prestigious and competitive institutions of higher learning in Nigeria. Every year, thousands of candidates apply to study various courses at UI, but only a few are admitted. One of the factors that determine the admission of candidates is the UI cut-off mark.

Overview of UI Cut-Off Marks

The cut-off mark is the minimum score that a candidate must obtain in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) and the Post UTME screening exercise to be eligible for admission into a particular course. The UNIBADAN cut-off mark varies depending on the course, the faculty, and the catchment area of the candidate.

UI JAMB Cut-Off Mark for all Courses

UI’s UTME cut-off mark is 200 for all courses. Candidates should have chosen the University of Ibadan as their first choice in the UTME. Candidates must also have at least 5 Credit Passes in the required O’Level disciplines, including Mathematics and English, in one sitting.

What is the Cut-off Mark for the University of Ibadan Post UTME?

UI Post UTME Cut-off mark is 50, University of Ibadan aspirants must score at least a minimum of 50 in their post-UTME, The Post UTME screening exercise is a computer-based test that assesses the candidates’ aptitude and knowledge of their chosen course. The Post UTME cut-off mark is determined by the performance of the candidates and the availability of spaces in each course. ” UI Admission Requirements 2024/2025

UI Departmental Cut-Off mark 2024/2025

The table below shows UNIBADAN cut-off marks for all courses for the 2023/2024 academic session.

AgricultureAgric. Economics55.055.055.0
AgricultureAgric. Extension and Rural Devel.
AgricultureCrop Protection and Horticultural Sciences50.050.050.0
AgricultureSoil Resources Management50.050.050.0
AgricultureAnimal Science50.050.050.0
AgricultureCrop Protection and Environmental Biology50.050.050.0
ArtsArabic Language and Literature50.050.050.0
ArtsClassical Studies50.050.050.0
ArtsCommunication and Language Arts63.7563.7558.375
ArtsEuropean Studies – French50.050.050.0
ArtsEuropean Studies- German51.051.051.0
ArtsEuropean Studies- Russian50.050.050.0
ArtsEnglish Language and Literature61.87561.87560.5
ArtsIslamic Studies50.050.050.0
ArtsLinguistics- Igbo50.050.050.0
ArtsLinguistics- Yoruba50.050.050.0
ArtsReligious Studies50.050.050.0
ArtsTheatre Arts57.557.552.75
College of MedicineBiochemistry61.561.555.5
College of MedicineDentistry72.87572.87572.875
College of MedicineEnvironmental Health Science50.37550.37550.375
College of MedicineHuman Nutrition and Dietetics57.7557.7557.375
College of MedicineMedical Laboratory Science67.12567.12561.625
College of MedicineMedicine and Surgery797972.125
College of MedicineNursing Science72.572.567.125
College of MedicinePhysiology63.563.558.75
College of MedicinePhysiotherapy68.62568.62563.375
Economics & Management ScienceEconomics60.060.059.25
Economics & Management ScienceAccounting51.551.551.5
Economics & Management ScienceBanking and Finance55.055.055.0
Economics & Management ScienceMarketing and Consumer Studies50.050.050.0
EducationAdult Education50.050.050.0
EducationBusiness Education50.050.050.0
EducationEarly Childhood Education50.050.050.0
EducationEducation and Arabic Studies53.053.053.0
EducationEducation and Biology50.050.050.0
EducationEducation and Chemistry50.050.050.0
EducationEducation and Christian Religious Studies50.050.050.0
EducationEducation and Communication and Lang Arts53.62553.62553.625
EducationEducation and Economics50.050.050.0
EducationEducation and English60.060.059.5
EducationEducation and French50.050.050.0
EducationEducation and Geography50.050.050.0
EducationEducation and History50.050.050.0
EducationEducation and Islamic Studies50.050.050.0
EducationEducation and Mathematics50.050.050.0
EducationEducation and Physics50.050.050.0
EducationEducation and Political Science50.050.050.0
EducationEducation and Yoruba50.050.050.0
EducationEducational Management50.050.050.0
EducationGuidance and Counselling50.050.050.0
EducationHealth Education50.050.050.0
EducationHuman Kinetics50.050.050.0
EducationLibrary, Archival and Information Studies50.050.050.0
EducationSpecial Education50.050.050.0
Environmental Design ManagementArchitecture50.7550.7550.75
Environmental Design ManagementEstate Management50.050.050.0
Environmental Design ManagementUrban and Regional Planning50.050.050.0
Environmental Design ManagementQuantity Surveying50.050.050.0
Renewable Natural ResourcesAquaculture and Fisheries Management50.050.050.0
Renewable Natural ResourcesForest Resources Management50.050.050.0
Renewable Natural ResourcesWildlife & Ecotourism Management50.050.050.0
Renewable Natural ResourcesSocial and Environmental Forestry50.050.050.0
ScienceComputer Science70.7570.7558.625
ScienceIndustrial Chemistry50.550.550.5
Social SciencesGeography50.050.050.0
Social SciencesPolitical Science58.87558.87554.125
Social SciencesPsychology56.62556.62553.125
Social SciencesSociology55.87555.87551.5
TechnologyAgricultural and Environmental Engineering53.053.053.0
TechnologyCivil Engineering62.12562.12557.5
TechnologyElectrical and Electronics Engineering62.62562.62555.5
TechnologyFood Technology50.050.050.0
TechnologyIndustrial and Production Engineering53.053.053.0
TechnologyMechanical Engineering66.566.560.75
TechnologyPetroleum Engineering60.2560.2556.125
TechnologyWood Products Engineering50.050.050.0
TechnologyAutomotive Engineering60.37560.37560.375
Veterinary MedicineVeterinary Medicine60.12560.12560.125

University of Ibadan Cut-Off Mark for Mass Communication

Mass Communication is under the Faculty of Arts, Communication and Language Arts program. The UI cut-off mark is 63.75 for merit admission, 63.75 for catchment admission, and 58.375 for educationally less developed states (ELDS) admission. Students from all geopolitical zones compete for limited slots, Preparing adequately by understanding admission criteria and excelling in UTME/post-UTME exams is key to securing admission. ” UI School Fees 2024/2025

The University of Ibadan Cut-Off Mark for Medicine and Surgery 2023

The 2024 UI cut-off mark for Medicine and Surgery is 79 for merit, 79 for catchment, and 72.125 for ELDS. These cut-off scores are unchanged from the previous year, speaking to the consistently high academic achievement required for prospective medical students year-on-year. Hence preparation through sufficient practice questions and depth of comprehension of the subject matter is vital.

UI Cut-Off Mark for Law

The University of Ibadan cut-off mark for Law is 67.25 under merit admission, 67.25 under catchment admission, and 62.625 for ELDS admission. Gaining admission to study highly respected and lucrative professions like law demands good scores. Hence applicants must prepare for UTME exams, understand the criteria, aim higher than published cut-offs, and ensure personal welfare to perform optimally. With sound preparation, staying power, and responsible academic conduct, an aspirational UI law degree remains achievable.

How to Calculate the University of Ibadan Cut-Off Mark

The UI aggregate score combines the UTME score and the Post UTME score. The UTME score is 50% of the aggregate score, while the Post UTME score is 50% of the aggregate score. To calculate the UI aggregate score, use the following formula:

UI Aggregate Score = (UTME Score / 8) + (Post UTME Score / 2)

For example, if a candidate scored 240 in UTME and 70 in Post UTME, the UI aggregate score would be:

UI Aggregate Score = (240 / 8) + (70 / 2)
UI Aggregate Score = 30 + 35
UI Aggregate Score = 65


The UI cut-off mark is an important factor that determines the admission of candidates into the university. Candidates should strive to score high in both the UTME and the Post UTME to increase their chances of getting admitted into their desired course. Candidates should also check the UI website regularly for updates and UI admission requirements.

We hope this article has been helpful and informative. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. Thank you for reading and good luck with your admission!


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