UNIPORT Cut-Off Marks for All Courses 2024/2025


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The University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) is one of Nigeria’s most prestigious universities. Competition for admission is high, so UNIPORT sets minimum cut-off marks for each program to select the most qualified candidates.

In this article, you will find everything you need to know about UNIPORT cut-off marks for the 2024/2025 academic session.

Overview of UNIPORT Cut-Off Marks

The cut-off mark is the minimum score required by applicants seeking admission into their desired degree program at UNIPORT. The cut-off marks vary across different faculties and departments depending on factors like competition and availability of slots.

For most courses, UNIPORT cut-off marks are determined based on a candidate’s O’level grades and UTME scores in relevant subjects. Some departments also conduct screening exercises. Candidates must satisfy the O’level, UTME, and screening requirements to be eligible for admission. ” ALSO READ UNIPORT Admission Requirements for 2024/2025 Academic Session

How is UNIPORT Cut-Off Marks Determined

The major factors that influence cut-off marks at UNIPORT include:

  • Number and quality of applications received for the program
  • Available admission slots in the department
  • Performance of existing students in the department
  • Minimum academic standards set by UNIPORT

When a program receives many applications from highly qualified candidates, the cut-off mark is typically higher. Courses with fewer admission slots also have higher cut-off marks.

UNIPORT Cut-Off Marks for All Courses 2024/2025

The minimum cut-off mark for all courses at UNIPORT is 150. See the estimated UNIPORT cut-off marks for all undergraduate programs below:

S/NFacultyDepartmentCut Off Mark
1AgricultureAgricultural Economics and Extension180
2AgricultureAnimal Science180
3AgricultureCrop and Soil Science180
4AgricultureFisheries and Aquaculture180
5AgricultureForestry and Wildlife Management180
6EducationAdult and Non-Formal Education180
7EducationEducational Foundations180
8EducationEducational Management and Planning180
9EducationEducational Psychology, Guidance and Counselling180
10EducationHuman Kinetics and Health Education180
11EducationCurriculum Studies and Educational Technology180
12EngineeringChemical Engineering230
13EngineeringCivil Engineering230
14EngineeringElectrical Engineering220
15EngineeringMechanical Engineering220
16EngineeringPetroleum Engineering230
17EngineeringGas Engineering230
18EngineeringEnvironmental Engineering220
19HumanitiesEnglish Studies (Language)180
20HumanitiesCommunication Arts (Language)180
21HumanitiesLinguistics and Communication Studies (Language)180
22HumanitiesLinguistics (Language)180
23HumanitiesLiterature in English180
24HumanitiesCommunication Arts (Literature)180
25HumanitiesLinguistics and Communication Studies (Literature)180
26HumanitiesLinguistics (Literature)180
27HumanitiesTheatre Arts180
28HumanitiesFilm Studies180
29HumanitiesHistory and Diplomatic Studies180
31HumanitiesReligious and Cultural Studies180
32HumanitiesFine Arts and Design180
35HumanitiesForeign Languages and Literature (French)160
36HumanitiesForeign Languages and Literature (Chinese)160
37HumanitiesForeign Languages and Literature (Russian)160
38HumanitiesForeign Languages and Literature (German)160
39HumanitiesForeign Languages and Literature (Portuguese)160
40HumanitiesForeign Languages and Literature (Spanish)160
41HumanitiesForeign Languages and Literature (Italian)160
42HumanitiesForeign Languages and Literature (Arabic)160
43HumanitiesForeign Languages and Literature (Japanese)160
44HumanitiesForeign Languages and Literature (Korean)160
45HumanitiesForeign Languages and Literature (Hindi)160
46HumanitiesForeign Languages and Literature (Swahili)160
47HumanitiesForeign Languages and Literature (Turkish)160
48HumanitiesForeign Languages and Literature (Persian)160
49HumanitiesForeign Languages and Literature (Urdu)160
50HumanitiesForeign Languages and Literature (Hebrew)160
51HumanitiesForeign Languages and Literature (Greek)160
52HumanitiesForeign Languages and Literature (Latin)160
54Management SciencesAccounting220
55Management SciencesFinance and Banking200
56Management SciencesManagement200
57Management SciencesMarketing200
58Management SciencesMass Communication220
60ScienceAnimal and Environmental Biology180
64ScienceComputer Science220
71ScienceMedicine and Surgery260
79SciencePlant Science and Biotechnology210
80SciencePure and Industrial Chemistry210
81ScienceApplied and Environmental Biology200
82ScienceApplied and Environmental Chemistry200
83ScienceApplied and Environmental Physics200
84ScienceApplied and Environmental Geology200
85ScienceApplied and Environmental Mathematics200
86ScienceApplied and Environmental Statistics200
87ScienceApplied and Environmental Microbiology200
88ScienceApplied and Environmental Plant Science and Biotechnology200
89ScienceIndustrial Mathematics and Statistics210
90ScienceIndustrial Physics with Electronics and IT Application210
91ScienceIndustrial Chemistry with Textile Option210
92ScienceIndustrial Chemistry with Paints and Coating Technology Option210
93ScienceIndustrial Chemistry with Petroleum Option210
94ScienceIndustrial Chemistry with Food Technology Option210
95ScienceIndustrial Chemistry with Pharmaceutical Technology Option.210
96ScienceIndustrial Chemistry with Polymer Option210
97Social SciencesEconomics210
98Social SciencesGeography and Environmental Management180
99Social SciencesPolitical Science and Administrative Studies180
100Social SciencesSociology180
101Social SciencesPsychology (Clinical)200
102Social SciencesPsychology (Industrial)200
103Social SciencesPsychology (Educational)200
104Social SciencesPsychology (Social)200
105Social SciencesPsychology (Counselling)200
106Social SciencesPsychology (Developmental)200
107Social SciencesPsychology (Experimental)200
108Social SciencesPsychology (Forensic)200
109Social SciencesPsychology (Health)200
110Social SciencesPsychology (Neuropsychology)200
111Social SciencesPsychology (Personality)200
112Social SciencesPsychology (Psychometrics)200
113Social SciencesPsychology (Sports)200

How UNIPORT Cut-Off Marks are Calculated

To calculate your aggregate score, you can use the following formula:

  • Divide your UTME score by 8
  • Divide your Post-UTME score by 2
  • Add the two results together

For example, if you scored 280 in UTME and 70 in Post-UTME, your aggregate score would be:

280 / 8 = 35
70 / 2 = 35
35 + 35 = 70

This means that your aggregate score is 70 out of 100.

Tips to Meet UNIPORT Cut-Off Marks

To surpass the required cut-off mark, here are some useful tips:

  • Identify and focus on your core subjects
  • Create a study plan and stick to it
  • Use relevant past questions and sample tests  you can download from us for free, Click Here
  • Attend tutorial classes
  • Learn speed reading and memory retention techniques
  • Maintain consistency in reading
  • Attempt mock exams and improve on weak areas
  • Get sufficient rest and maintain proper health

What to Do If You Score Below the Cut-Off Mark

If you score below the required cut-off mark, you can consider:

  • Retaking UTME the following year to improve your score
  • Changing to another program with a lower cut-off mark
  • Seeking admission through direct entry or a part-time program
  • Exploring admission into other institutions
  • Applying for diploma programs and then transferring to 200-level

Meeting the UNIPORT cut-off mark for your desired program will boost your chances of gaining admission into this prestigious university. Use this guide to understand the cut-off marks and strategize toward attaining competitive scores. ” ALSO READ UNIPORT School Fees for 2024/2025 Academic Session


Gaining admission into UNIPORT requires meeting the departmental cut-off mark for your chosen program. This article has provided a comprehensive overview of UNIPORT cut-off marks to guide your admission efforts. The estimated cut-off marks for all courses in the 2024/2025 academic year have been outlined. Tips on calculating your scores and exceeding the required cut-off mark have also been shared. For more information please visit their official website.



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