AKSU Cut-Off Mark for all Courses 2024/2025 Admission


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As an admission seeker, it is essential to understand how the AKSU cut-off mark works, know the current cut-off marks per department and learn practical tips to score above the cut-off mark to bolster your chances of admission. This comprehensive article provides all the vital information you need about AKSU cut-off marks for the 2023 academic session.

Overview of AKSU Cut-Off Marks

AKSU uses cut-off marks from examinations like UTME, POST-UTME, ND, and other qualifiers to screen aspirants seeking admission. The standard AKSU cut-off marks include:

  • UTME Merit Cut-Off Point: 180 for all courses
  • Post UTME Cut-Off Point: 50% score in the POST UTME exam

Direct Entry Cut-Off Points:

  • Upper Credit or 3.5 GPA for ND holders
  • Lower Credit or 3.0 GPA for NID or IJMB

Departmental Cut-Off Marks: Varies per department (details below)

It is vital to understand that meeting just the basic AKSU cut-off point does not guarantee admission if the cut-off mark for your department is higher. Let’s analyze the per-department cut-off marks.  ” ALSO READ AKSU Admission Requirements for all courses ”

AKSU Departmental Cut-Off Marks

The general cut-off mark for AKSU is 140 for all courses, The cut-off marks for different departments in AKSU includes:

AKSU Cut-Off Marks for Faculty of Arts & Educational Studies

  • English & Literary Studies: UTME-140, Post UTME-60%
  • Linguistics & Nigerian Languages: UTME-140, Post UTME-55%
  • History & Diplomatic Studies: UTME-140, Post UTME-50%
  • Fine & Applied Arts: UTME-140, Post UTME-50%
  • French: UTME-140, Post UTME-50%

AKSU Cut-Off Marks for Faculty of Sciences

  • Microbiology: UTME-140, Post UTME-60%
  • Industrial Chemistry: UTME-140, Post UTME-60%
  • Physics: UTME-140, Post UTME-60%
  • Mathematics: UTME- 140, Post UTME-60%
  • Computer Science: UTME-220, Post UTME-60%

AKSU Cut-Off Marks for Faculty of Engineering

  • Civil Engineering: UTME-140, Post UTME-60%
  • Electrical/Electronics Engineering: UTME-140, Post UTME-60%
  • Mechanical Engineering: UTME-210, Post UTME-60%

AKSU Cut-Off Marks for Faculty of Environmental Studies

  • Architecture: UTME-140, Post UTME-55%
  • Building: UTME-140, Post UTME-50%
  • Estate Management: UTME-180, Post UTME- 50%

    AKSU Cut-Off marks for Faculty of Management Sciences

  • Accounting: UTME-140, Post UTME-50%
  • Banking & Finance: UTME-190, Post UTME-55%
  • Business Administration: UTME-180, Post UTME-50%

Candidates can confirm if they meet the AKSU cut-off mark for their preferred department from the information above.

How is the Cut-Off Mark Calculated?

The major examinations used for determining cut-off marks for AKSU admission include UTME, POST-UTME, ND results for direct entry students and other diplomas or IJMB results. Here is how AKSU calculates the cut-off marks from these entry examination results:

AKSU UTME Merit Cut-Off Mark

This applies to candidates who wrote UTME. It is calculated as an average of all UTME subject scores. For instance:

  • English – 60
  • Mathematics – 70
  • Chemistry – 75
  • Biology – 82

Total = 60+70+75+82 = 287
Number of subjects = 4

Cut-Off Mark = Total Scores/Number of Subjects
= 287/4
= 71.75%
= Approx. 180

So the Merit Cut-Off point from UTME is 180 for AKSU.


This applies after sitting for the POST-UTME exam. It is scored as the percentage of questions a candidate answers correctly in the POST UTME test.

If the POST UTME exam has 50 questions:
Number of Questions Answered Correctly e.g. 30
Percentage Score = Number Correct/Total Questions x 100
= 30/50 x 100
= 60%
So the Post UTME cut-off mark is 50%. Candidates with a 60% score and above will proceed to the next screening stage. ” ALSO READ AKSU  School Fees for all Courses ”

AKSU Direct Entry Cut-Off Mark

This applies to candidates entering the 200 level directly via diploma certificates like ND. AKSU sets 3.5 CGPA/Upper Credit as the basic cut-off mark for an ND certificate.

Depending on the performance from all participating students, the cut-off mark may sometimes increase to a First Class. This allows only the best students from ND results to be admitted.

A similar principle applies to other diploma results used for direct entry admission.

Tips to Score Above AKSU Cut-Off Mark

To stand a good chance of securing admission into your desired program in AKSU, you ought to score above the prescribed cut-off mark for your department. Here are 5 proven tips that can help you achieve higher scores in UTME, POST-UTME and other admission examinations:

  • Create a realistic study timetable and follow it diligently
  • Identify past questions for your subjects of focus and solve tons of them
  • Learn higher-scoring subjects like Mathematics very well
  • Master fast reading skills to finish exams on time
  • Attend intensive coaching to reinforce your weak subjects


AKSU cut-off mark is an important factor that determines who gets admitted into one of Nigeria’s leading universities. If you want to secure admission into AKSU for 2024/2025 academic session, you must score at least 140 in your UTME and choose AKSU as your first choice institution. However, scoring high does not guarantee admission into AKSU. You still need to participate in the Post UTME screening exercise where you will be tested on various aspects related to your chosen course of study. For more information please visit their official website.

We hope this blog post has been helpful and informative for you. If you have any questions or comments about the AKSU cut-off mark or admission process, please leave them below. We would love to hear from you.


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